About Frame 30 Productions


Frame 30 Productions Ltd. has been producing award winning commercials, corporate films, and television projects since 1980. A long time! 

In the commercial world, talent and creativity is king.  Our directors and producers research the project, know what they’re doing going in, and see the project through so that what they say you’ll get, you get.  Simple. Put the money on the screen.

Our crews are world renowned and our locations range from the Rocky Mountains to desert to the bald prairie to miles of grain. 

Call us to produce, to provide production services, or to ask for a complete show reel. Check out some highlights below: 

Pinup: The Taboo Art: Any way you slice it, the art of the pinup is pure cheesecake! In this one-off documentary, you will discover the love these historic icons along with modern-day pinup fanactics have for this unique genre of art.

Behind the Hedges of the Hamptons: Behind the Hedges of the Hamption's voyeuristically takes a lavish look behind the tall hedges into some of the most beautiful and stylish homes in the Hampton's.

The Greatest Auto Race on Earth: A two hour documentary on the 1908 New York to Paris automobile race.

Swedenborg: Mystical Cowboy: A one hour documentary on the philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg's impact on Canada in the late 1800's.

Syncrude: The Great Canadian Success Story:  A half hour film on the phenomenal story of Syncrude and its oil sands process in northern Alberta.

BackRoom Beat: A one hour film shot in one evening at the Vodka Bar showcasing slam poets and why they do it.

The Party’s Over: A ½ hour drama for teenagers on why they shouldn’t drink and drive, featuring music by George Thorougood, The Fabulous Thunderbirds,  Aretha Franklin and others.

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