The Team at Frame 30



Michael Hamm: Producer/Director.
Michael graduated with a Masters in Political Science and never used it.  He began as a writer in 1977 and started Frame 30 in 1980.  Since then he’s been producing and directing award winning commercials, music videos, corporate films, and television projects.  He hand picks his crews, knowing that each project has its own unique needs.

Kerrie Long: Producer.
Kerrie has a background in television, working on numerous long and short form shows.  She teamed up with F30 in 2000 to head up the production services sector. Since then she’s PM’d spots for companies out of Denmark, Germany, New York, and Los Angeles.  To add more weight, she took on developing and pitching the Long Format properties. She attends numerous film festivals, her big love still being commercials, attending the Clio Awards in Miami every year.

Marie Guerrette:Production
Marie comes to us with a background in the corporate video world and short form television work.  Since joining F30 she has worked on over a dozen web-based shorts for , commercials for Edmonton Tourism, work for Sobey’s foods, and Syncrude.  She is fluent in French, is a creative writer, and a true team player.

Directors & DOP's

Greg Hoey (New York) is a commercial Director/DOP with a strength in dramatic/lifestyle spots.  He’s particularly talented at combining his artistic eye with a knack for getting everyone around him see his vision.  He’s worked on spots that have won him numerous Clios, been short-listed at Cannes, possesses a number of Bessies, and boasts a New York Film Festival Best Campaign award.  He’s a hands-on guy who wants to be involved in the entire process of the commercial, not just show-up-shoot-invoice.

Michael Hamm is a commercial director who loves lifestyle and light comedy.  His spots have aired nationally and regionally for such firms as Telus, TV Guide, Epcor, Syncrude, ARMA, Sun Life Financial, Travel Alberta, and Edmonton Tourism.  He brings fresh ideas to the table and looks at commercials as a world of little stories.

Ryan McMaster CSC is a specialist in difficult-to-produce visual material.  He has spent years mastering complex crane work, aerial cinematography, green screens, Megamounts … and making beautiful pictures.  He’s worked on such campaigns as Coors, Molson’s, General Motors, Ford, Esso, Tylenol, Johnson and Johnson, and Stanfields.  Oh, and recently he was 2nd unit DP on a little show called Battlestar Galactica.

Mike Ouellette (Alberta) is not only fluently bilingual, he understands the needs of the client no matter what the language.  A DOP/Director, Mike has been working with Frame 30 for over 15 years on commercial and corporate work.  He has also done several long form projects including The Greatest Auto Race on Earth.

Bob Riddell has seen it all … and is able to create a unique look for each project as a result of that experience.  He consistently brings something different to a commercial, giving the project its own life.  He loves spots but can deal with the rigours of documentaries like his acclaimed Franklin Expedition for National Geographic.

Rene Collins is a whiz with electronic cameras.  As one of the few DPs in Western Canada who really understands shooting in true HD, he has traveled the world on numerous documentaries.  He was the DP of the award winning Swedenborg: Mystical Cowboy,

Others: And we have relationships with companies around the world.  If there is a particular Director or DOP that you would like to work with, we can provide those services as well.

People We Like to Work With

Teams are built over years of working together.  These are some of the people that we like to work with:

Rat Creek Design:
Digital studio and animation/special effects house.
Roth and Ramberg:
Masters of still photography.
Limbo Editing:
Our colour correction house of record.
Web Services

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